climb climb verb ›› GO UP 上去 1. climb (up) (sth) to go up sth towards the top • 攀登;爬: ▪ [VN]
»to climb a mountain / hill / tree / wall
爬山/树 / 墙
»She climbed up the stairs.
»The car slowly climbed the hill.
▪ [V]
»As they climbed higher, the air became cooler.
›› GO THROUGH / DOWN / OVER 通过;下去;越过 2. [V +adv. / prep.] to move somewhere, especially with difficulty or effort • (尤指吃力地向某处)爬:
»I climbed through the window.
»Sue climbed into bed.
»Can you climb down?
»The boys climbed over the wall.
›› MOUNTAIN / ROCK, ETC. 山、岩石等 3. go climbing to go up mountains or climb rocks as a hobby or sport • 登山,攀岩(作为业余爱好或运动):
»He likes to go climbing most weekends.
›› AIRCRAFT / SUN, ETC. 飞机、太阳等 4. [V] to go higher in the sky • 爬升;上升:
»The plane climbed to 33 000 feet.
飞机爬升到 33 000 英尺。
›› SLOPE UP 倾斜着上升 5. [V] to slope upwards • 倾斜上升:
»From here the path climbs steeply to the summit.
›› OF PLANTS 植物 6. [V] to grow up a wall or frame • (沿墙或构架)攀缘生长:
»a climbing rose
›› INCREASE 增加 7. [V] (of temperature, a countryˈs money, etc. 温度、国家的货币等) to increase in value or amount • 上升;增值;升值:
»The dollar has been climbing all week.
»The paperˈs circulation continues to climb.
›› IMPROVE POSITION / STATUS 提高地位;改善状况 8. [V] to move to a higher position or social rank by your own effort • (靠自己的努力)晋升,提高社会地位:
»In a few years he had climbed to the top of his profession.
»The team has now climbed to fourth in the league.
【IDIOMS】--› see bandwagon 【PHR V】 ˌclimb ˈdown (over sth) • to admit that you have made a mistake or that you were wrong • 承认做错事;认错 --› related noun climbdown noun ›› MOUNTAIN / STEPS 山;台阶 1. an act of climbing up a mountain, rock or large number of steps; a period of time spent climbing • 攀登;攀缘;爬阶梯;攀登用的时间:
»an exhausting climb
»Itˈs an hourˈs climb to the summit.
2. a mountain or rock which people climb up for sport • (进行登山或攀缘运动的)山,岩:
»Titanˈs Wall is the mountainˈs hardest rock climb.
›› INCREASE 增加 3. [usually sing.] an increase in value or amount • 增值;升值;增加:
»the dollarˈs climb against the euro
›› TO A HIGHER POSITION OR STATUS 提高身分/地位 4. [usually sing.] progress to a higher status, standard or position • 提高地位;达到更高标准;晋升:
»a rapid climb to stardom
»the long slow climb out of the recession
* * *
v. 攀登, 爬
n. 攀登, 爬

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